Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design

Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design is a design-oriented practice which assumes an interdisciplinary and research-based approach to its projects. This enables us to work on a wide range of design problems–from the planning of urban landscapes to that of buildings and interiors. Rather than imposing a preconceived idea or image on our projects, we aim to allow each solution, regardless of its size, to emerge in response to its own particular set of programmatic and site circumstances.



Repurposing the Strip mall

“CHIA MESA repurposes a failing Scottsdale strip mall, transforming it into a new landmark: a climactically and socially “cool hotspot” that signifies Phoenix’s urban future. A hydroponic farm wraps the top and sides of the project with lettuces, vegetables, flowers and algae, giving it a unique outside identity and interior ambience. Occupying a zone varying between three and nine feet in thickness, the farm is comprised of water-fed plant trays and serviceways covered by operable polycarbonate louvers. A drive-thru biodiesel station, in a repurposed stand-alone building, links farm and consumer. The extreme productivity and profitability of the hydroponic facility, estimated to create a revenue stream of $2.27 million/year, will over time pay the lion’s share of the $18.6 million cost of transforming the existing strip mall model. (The construction cost of the farm alone is $9 million).”

Posted by: Tim Berry


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