Kaiak Marktparkplatz Berlin

Translated from the designers:


Rose 5-9 / Corner Church Street The landscape architects of Topotek 1 from Berlin, who have been awarded the 2003 German Architecture Prize , have made ​​it their mission to make urban spaces again.The triangular space between Rose Street and Church Street was before his transformation widely perceived by the citizens and visitors in the context of KAiAK; for some, it was a necessary parking lot, for others an unattractive open space. This tension has 1 Topotek made ​​to benefit and created a “place of change” in a positive sense. The existing asphalt pavement on the “marketplace” is extensively covered with red paint and patterned by a fine, slightly curved distorted line screen. In the center of the square is a giant red umbrella. This is spanned on event days and offers, for example, market and information booths, presentations and concert stages appropriate safeguards. On days without Bespielung the screen is closed and thus signals in this way the possibility for parking. The superposition of different uses in urban public space is normal and is symbolically represented by the pictorial and playful quality of the “marketplace”.

Link: http://www.topotek1.de/#/de/projects/chronological/22


Post by: Darel Capulong


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