Theater square

Antwerpen (Belgium), 2009

A lofty porch in front of the façade of the Stadsschowburg shelters the temporary markets of the Theaterplein, and periodical open-air theatrical performances and concerts.


…”Besides continuing to provide space for the occasional markets, the new square was also required to act as a venue for other cultural events that would attract large numbers of people, for example open-air theatrical performances or concerts. The refurbished square also had to make these uses compatible with other more intimate and everyday forms of appropriation of its space.”…

timthumb (1)

…”Reinforced with diagonal tensors that appear as x-braced frames supporting the whole structure, the row of pillars along the eastern side of the porch sustains three emergency stairways which, painted black and with very long flights, look as if they are suspended in the air. The stairways and the diagonal reinforcements are equipped so that they can support a backdrop for a large-scale open-air stage.”…

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Posted by: Francesca Zucchi


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