HIDA: Public Creation

The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (HIDA) is home to 5 colleges of creative education, consisting of Arts, Arts, Media + Engineering, Design, Film, Dance & Theatre and Music.  These creative disciplines currently lack the identity and innovative home they deserve.  Furthermore the absence of adequate public space for these disciplines to interact with each other  and the community does not supplement the creative education that happens behind the opaque walls  and faceless buildings.

In its current state the Tempe Gateway lot, which is a strategic space between the core of ASU  campus, HIDA and the surrounding Tempe community is simply just a parking lot. This area also  currently acts as the back door to HIDA, instead of its front porch. A transformation of this critical area into a creative new public space gives HIDA the identity and  strong social and community interaction it desires.

S162 10th St Parking

The basis of this project is to enable a multitude of events, gatherings, experiences and  interactions from above, leaving the ground level, or multi-surface, open and neutral to accept all these actions to take place. Keeping in time with the grid of the city, and adopted  by ASU, a framework of structural punctuation sets the stage for a canopy of solar panels and a  structural system that houses all the equipment, such as lighting, speakers, projectors, screens,  etc., that enables a multitude of activities to happen below. Holding up this structural  organization is a cable-stay system allowing for a light handed design that spans the length and  width of Tempe Gateway without obstructing the neutral plain beneath.

Scene 18 Canopy

Connected to this structural grid, and keeping in pace with the future master plan of ASU, stands  the vertical architecture portion of the project. This structure is placed in the  strategic spot of the current Myrtle Street parking structure which is in the heart of the HIDA  campus. In this space, the same concept of enabling from above is taken even further by adding a  vertical element of program including a multi-use, conditioned space on the ground level, an  observation deck on the second, conditioned educational spaces on the third and a terrarium roof deck on top. This design allows for a plethora of activities to  take place including school events, shows, art exhibits, dance parties, lectures, classes, sports  events and whatever type of gathering you can think of.

Overlook Roof Garden

These elements were deigned to showcase the integrity of structure and allow for a more  transparent, social, versatile and educational experience while heightening the identity and creativity of the HIDA campus.

Michael LeMieux


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