J&M_4thSpace_4The 4th Space

The threshold space becomes the 4th Space which evolves from the continuation and breaking of boundaries between: introverted and extroverted; private and public; and beginning and ending. The 4th Space claims the threshold as a horizontal and vertical public space  between a private property of ASU and Tempe community. It acts as an extension and continuity of the school campus, Mill Ave. infrastructure, businesses, neighborhood, and desert landscape. The threshold programs the interstitial space between urban transition where informal gathering and learning take place.The threshold then evolves from a physical state of being to an experiential manifestation of the inbetween space. It then acknowledges the surrounding character tries to become the link to connect HIDA disciplines to the surrounding community.

The Design

The threshold is designed with scale resembling HIDA, ASU, and Tempe community.  It works in vertical, spatial, and architectural direction and is more of an extension of these three communities overlapping in the interstitial space. The frame is composed of steel structure, polyester canopy, covered in a diverse selection of sonoran desert plants.The vertical plan of the site is a continuity of diverse public and private spaces as the ground floor. The vegetation on the ground floor is minimal compared to the density of plants in the nursery levels and primarily consists of rubber colored pavement and disbursement temporary mature plants in tree boxes. The ground floor then serves as a canvas for the use of parking lot and public space which is rearrange based on activities taking place, such as: normal parking, festivals, performances, food market, exhibitions, and student activities. The 4th space invites students and the community to become part of a collaborative environment while enjoying views and amenities with the outdoor life. Open frame stairs lead up throughout the levels of program spaces into walkways that carry the different stages of plants. Plant pots carry the desert plants throughout its development within the building. The canopy is made of weaving polyester that opens and offers a view of the surrounding district. The box-like spaces are subdivided into smaller rooms that serve the incubator, coworking, and learning spaces along with connections to the outdoor space for expansion.

J&M_4thSpace_3 J&M_4thSpace_NurseryJ&M_4thSpace_5

artha Rodriguez and Jussara Scarle


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