Plug-in Public Infrastructure: Atmospheres Meets Events

8 Aerial

3 Concert Night

This proposal seeks to enhance the identiy of the Herberger Institute through the integration of different events and facilitating them climatically through infrastructure. The location of our strategy enhances the visibility of the Herberger Institute from two of the busiest streets in the Phoenix metro area, Mill Avenue and University.

The three scales

Vertical: Assuming that the parking garage will be dissocupied, as has been proposed in future plans for the site, it is turned in to a water filtering system. Each level providing a necessary component for filtration but also doubling as a public space. This system is one that uses different sizes of sand and gravel to purify the water. At the top most level the sand is fine and soft, allowing it to double as a large scale sand box where kids and families can play. The level beneath has gravel, which can be used as a zen garden and meditation area. Finally the last level has a grate flooring that allows water to trickle down and to be experienced phenomenological. This vertical public space takes elements found in the context (sand and gravel are abundant in the Arizona desert) and gives them a function combined with the ability to be programmed for public use. From this vertical system two other forms of public spaces can take place: the Horizontal and the Guerilla.

Horizontal: This proposal seeks to serve as water collection, filtration and re-integration in to the public space through a network of pipes. These systems are used to enhance thermal comfort and appropriate public spaces when they would usually not be as desirable climatically (especially during the summer months). The proposed is a permanent system that includes water, light, cool air, and water collection. This system can then be plugged in to with a varying size of programs and tarp structures. This can allow for montly events such as farmers markets and/or large scale yearly concerts and festivals. While still maintaining the possibility of serving its current program as a parking lot.

Guerilla: With the budget of $10,000 we are using the filtered water and some of the sand to create a pocket beach. The garage filter provides cool and clean water that is safe for human use. The sand is already abundant in the desert. The combination of both provides a miniature version of one of the most desirable and enjoyable types of public spaces, a beach. The project is an ecological approach to embrace the true complexity and opportunities of public space. Integrating natural phenomena, climate, energy, biodiversity (human and nonhumans) and activity with a special focus on the processes and flexibility of them.

Posted by: Darel Capulong


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